White Labeling
  • Company brand plays one of the key factors to drive the candidates interest for the company. Hence never miss an opportunity to brand your organization. With our while labeling feature, publish your company name and logo on the test screen to reflect your brand.
  • Customized Instructions
    • Understanding the fact that each hiring need differs from another and so is the assessment test. Provide company and recruitment specific instructions and guidelines to attempt the test to the candidates before they appear for the test. This feature also allows to add company business initiatives and job prospectus which helps in branding and the candidate gets an in-depth understanding about the company.
    • Round The Clock Support (Email/Phone)
      • Team at Excellers is available round the clock to support your recruitment needs and process. Send an email or reach out over the phone and get the issue or concern resolved instantly. Also a dedicated team is allocated during and post any online assessment to resolve and address the concerns of the candidates and help them take the test smoothly.
      • Instant Coding Evaluation
        • With the auto compile option, even the non-techies can find and evaluate the coding test instantly and effortlessly. This feature ensures that the technical team need not travel to the hiring venue as the platform auto compiles the codes or programs and generates reports. These reports can be shared with the tech teams for in-depth analysis and inputs from the tech teams present remotely to make flawless hiring decisions. This is so designed that even non-techies can access, evaluate and analyse the reports.
        • Virtual Campus Hiring
          • Excellers makes campus hiring easy with a virtual campus hiring solution. Get rid of all the hurdles involved in campus hiring such as travel, human resource , time and etc. Excellers helps you to handle campus hiring virtually with our online assessment platform. Conduct written tests online and check technical skills using coding assessments with test cases, organize face to face round with video interviewing platform. Save more with Excellers and make efficient hiring decisions.

Skill assessments with accuracy

Custom Skill assessment
Create customized tests or access the pre built assessments
Image and Video Proctoring
Fully automated proctoring with videos, images, actions capturing to nullify malpractice
Prevent Plagiarism
Disable “Copy -Paste” and curb plagiarism
Audit logging
Track and record every move of the candidate. Like, question navigation, IP Address, OS info, Browser info, out of screen count etc.
Comprehensive analytics
Instant analysis and report generation, with multi rater analysis of individual test taker
Scalable and robust platform
With X scalability, conduct “N” assessments at single go
Secure and Staunch
Data is stored in highly secure cloud platform with defined access rights, log reports and audit
White Labeling
Never miss an opportunity to brand your organization. Our exclusive white-labeling feature allows your test interface to reflect your brand. Upload your logo and leave rest to us. We give you everything you need to make it yours.

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