Guaranteed uptime with high scalability.

Cloud Based Platform

Excellers hosted in a highly secure cloud environment, comes with restricted access rights, data and reports storage, high scalability, reduced infrastructural cost and delivery functionalities.

Zero Loss Technology

As the platform works completely on cloud based technologies, the data, reports related to the hiring process along with assessments, candidates data, their scores, reports, analytics are stored with zero loss technology.

‘X’ Scalability

With X scalability, it supports unlimited assessments, manages records, with “N” participants, across multiple locations at a single go, makes this platform highly scalable and robust.

Defined Access Rights

Access control is a fundamental component of security that protects the files, data, confidential information Excellers has a secured model where the admin defines/ restricts the access rights based on individuals or teams with defined business functions.

Log Reports

The reports of the test is generated instantly with numeric and graphical representation for better understanding. Collaborate with hiring teams across the globe by sharing the reports in a PDF or excel format to make flawless hiring decisions.

High Concurrency and Low Bandwidth Support

Excellers platform comes with an uptime of 99% . This supports high concurrency and can be run in lower bandwidth to facilitate a user friendly experience making the test environment more convenient and comfortable to test takers.

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Few of our clients we serve.


I am continually impressed by Excellers excellent service. Whenever I have requested for the support, service irrespective of the situation, they do their best.

Ravi Kumar
General Manager, Jegan Research Associates (JRA)

We truly appreciate your efforts to setup an exclusive hiring platform for us. We are thankful for your support from the past 2 years and we want the same help in future as well.

Vidhya Shree
HR Executive-Talent Acquisition, Tecnics

Thanks for helping us in sourcing the best candidates for our company which eases our much work. Looking forward for your help to us in sourcing in with same zeal and commitment.

Sridevi A
Manager- HR, LogicMatter Private Limited

It is a privilege for us to have an association with you for such a short period and looking for long term relationship moving further. The true credit of our current fresher hiring success goes to you and your team. I would like to appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for your significant contribution. You have given quality output in our project, which is admirable. Such a commitment to great service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to do business with nBoard for years to come.

Shirish P
HR, Icontrolify Technologies