Image Capturing

Using the webcam of the candidates system periodic snapshots of the candidates are taken during the test. This also detects and raises an alert if the candidate is missing from the frame or looking away from the screen or talking with someone while taking the test.

Video Recording

Powered by video processing feature, live video streaming of the candidates activity during the test is possible. This is to ensure that no malpractice is happening like using a mobile phone or referring books or third party assistance and also to check if the candidate is taking the test in the defined environment. These videos are also recorded and stored for your reference for an in-depth analysis of the test/candidate, if required.

Audit Logging

This feature logs the candidate’s activities like IP address tracking, browser information, OS information, navigation path of the questions and sections while taking the test. IP addresses can also be restricted based on the region or location. If a candidate tries to log from another location or region it sends alerts to the examiner to take further action.

Out Of Screen Alerts

This tab switching feature ensures to establish a controlled test environment.. Here the examiner can define the count of attempts to send warning alerts. Every time a candidate tries to switch from the test tab it sends a warning to the candidate Once the candidate exceeds the defined counts of warnings the candidate is automatically logged out of the test and gets auto submitted.

Question Navigation

This tracks the navigation path of the candidate during the exam. This gives details about the order of question the candidate attempted, which next question or section they have switched to after answering previous one.

This helps the examiner to analyze the behavioral and psychological approach of the candidate.

Curb Plagiarism

During online tests the major concern of the examiner is to prohibit malpractices and plagiarism. To overcome this issue and assure the examiner that no malpractices can happen with Excellers platform, the Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V, right clicks, copy paste options are disabled on the exam screen.

This also ensures that there is no duplication of content with multiple users in the same test. It detects and raises a flag if any such submissions are detected.

Live Streaming

This feature ensures the candidate to stay on the exam screen for the whole exam duration by establishing a direct connection of the examiner with the candidate. Using the web camera live streaming of the candidate during the whole duration of the test can be monitored by the examiner.

Also through this live test monitor the examiner can control the test and to take corrective measures if any irregularities are spotted.

Real Time Alerts

Adds transparency to test with real-time analytics and cheat alerts

Pause and Resume Test

This remote proctoring lets the examiner have control over the candidates test. If the examiner finds any suspicious activity by the candidate, they can pause the test instantly and resume or close it.

Randomize and Shuffle Questions

While creating the assessment the creator can use this option where the same question will be thrown to the candidates in a random order and the sequence of options is shuffled. Also the creator can upload 10X more questions to any test where the probability of showing the same question to different candidates also reduces upto 99.99%.

Forcible Submission

While monitoring the test live, if the examiner finds any candidate is violating the test rules or indulging in malpractice, the examiner has an option to submit the candidates test forcibly.

Print Screen Lock

This platform enables the option of locking the Prt Scr key of the candidate device through which the test is being taken. This ensures that the data cannot be captured and shared with others for malpractice.

Multi Face Detection

This proctoring feature assists in integrity of online tests by sending alerts to the examiner if any other person comes into the screen while the candidate is taking the test. This inhibits the candidate to take assistance from a third party during the test.

Same Face Detection / Identity Verification

This feature combats with misusing the liberties of online tests. This prevents any impersonators from taking the test on candidate’s behalf by candidate authentication before starting the exam.

The candidate photo is clicked while registering or applying for any online test. And when the candidate clicks on the test link the proctors will verify the candidate’s photo/id card against the registration image to legitimate the candidate.

Window Proctoring

Once the candidate starts the test and is on the test screen, the screen automatically switches to full screen mode to prevent tab switching. This window proctoring does not allow the candidate to switch between the tabs or windows.


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