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Cognitive Ability Assessment Platform

The cognitive ability assessment platform is designed to evaluate the candidates potential to acquire, process, retain and apply the information to solve the real time issues.

Why choose Cognitive Ability Online Assessment Platform?


Excellers cognitive assessment platform helps you evaluate the competency and intelligence quotient of an individual by challenging their skills on memory, attention to detail, processing, sequencing, verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning and generate a 360 degree analysis report.

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Cognitive Assessments Solutions.


Aptitude Assessments

This is a systematic means of evaluating the accuracy, attentiveness, logical, non verbal, verbal, spatial and numerical reasoning ability of the individual to perform specific tasks.


Data Analysis /
Data Interpretation

Spot the candidate with exceptional decision making, data interpretation skills combined with strategy which helps achieve organizational goals and explore the business.


Critical Thinking and
Logical Reasoning

This helps to understand the capability of the candidate approach, reasoning, interpretation, assumptions, consistency and delivering structured solutions to the real time work problems.


Decision making skill

This measures the degree of maturity and presence of mind of the candidate, the most crucial skill of decision making to deliver structured and optimal solutions.


Problem Solving

Being the basic but most important skill that every candidate should possess. This assessment helps in measuring the efficiency of solving the problem timely and providing systematic solutions.



This assessment mainly focuses on competencies like abstract, spatial, lateral and logical patterns used to draw decisions.


Communication Skill

This assessment is used to assess verbal aptitude, grammar correction, reading & writing skills and ability to understand and convey the thoughts meaningfully.


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