Languages supported by Excellers engine

check C
check C++
check C#
check Java
check JavaScript
check PHP
check Python
check TypeScript
check Rust
check Pascal
check Assembly
check Bash
check Basic
check Common Lisp
check D
check Elixir
check Erlang
check Executable
check Fortran
check Go
check Haskell
check Lua
check OCaml
check Octave
check Plain Text
check Prolog
check Ruby

Assess through Multiple Coding Languages27+ programming languages

A simple yet highly structured, scalable coding platform designed to evaluate the candidates proficiency in the programming languages. Excellers supports 27+ programming languages, test cases with auto compiling option with plagiarism check to ease the process.

Key Benefits of Online Programming Tests

Assess Candidates with Structured Assessments
Design and assess a huge pool of aspirants at a single go with no geographical boundaries

Instant coding skills Evaluation
With its auto compile option, even the non-techies can find and evaluate instantly and effortlessly

Customized Reports
Instant report generation, with multi rater analysis of individual test taker.

Programming Reports

Add Accuracy to Coding Tests with Proctoring Solutions

Image and Video Proctoring
Fully automated proctoring with videos, images, actions capturing to nullify malpractice

Audit logging
Track and record every move of the candidate. Like, question navigation, IP Address, OS info, Browser info, out of screen count etc.

Spot the talent using highly secured and scalable platform

Spot the talent
Hire best talent conveniently across the globe

Secured and Reliable
A highly secured platform with restricted access rights

High Scalability
With X scalability, conduct ā€œNā€ assessments at single go

Make Test Public or Private
Invite candidates privately to take test or create a public test and embed in your careers page

Programming Reports

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