Redefine Campus Hiring Strategies
with our customized
for all your fresh talent needs.

Campus Mapping

Helps you to connect with the campuses best suitable for your competencies. Our seamless collaboration with the top institutions across the nation and huge database of freshers, lets you tap the talent before your competitors trace them.

Assess job-readiness of recent graduates

Aptitude & Cognitive assessments help determine an individual's skill or ability, assess how they perform in an area in which they have no prior training or knowledge.

Quickly identify top performers

Hire best talent by inviting them to take online assessments. Comparative reports help hiring managers to quickly identify top performers from the assessments.

Simplify career fairs & on-campus visits

Recruiters can create online tests and send the link to all the appearing graduates. The tests can be taken from the comforts of their homes and upon completion are auto evaluated.

Expand your list of target campuses

As you widen your reach, so do you increase the quality of your talent pool. Excellers helps you to assess graduates without all the typical logistical hassles of campus hiring.

Increasing diversity in hiring

Remove unconscious bias programmatically and identify candidates based on proven skills. Build a diverse talent pipeline by targeting diverse set of campuses.

Hire candidates from career page directly

Embed a test link next to the job description on your careers page to automatically pre-screen students as they apply. Only qualified candidates enter your ATS.

Redefine your campus hiring today

Top Candidates List

On-campus visits & Career fairs

Walk away from campus events with a list of top candidates. Not a stack of resumes.

Get more out of your on-campus recruiting events. Invite students to take your technical assessment ahead of campus visits using the student distribution list or distribute the link during the event.

Set test cutoff scores to screen out unqualified students. Sort scores to get a list of top candidates.

Bad Candidates

Few of our clients we serve.


I am continually impressed by Excellers excellent service. Whenever I have requested for the support, service irrespective of the situation, they do their best.

Ravi Kumar
General Manager, Jegan Research Associates (JRA)

We truly appreciate your efforts to setup an exclusive hiring platform for us. We are thankful for your support from the past 2 years and we want the same help in future as well.

Vidhya Shree
HR Executive-Talent Acquisition, Tecnics

Thanks for helping us in sourcing the best candidates for our company which eases our much work. Looking forward for your help to us in sourcing in with same zeal and commitment.

Sridevi A
Manager- HR, LogicMatter Private Limited

It is a privilege for us to have an association with you for such a short period and looking for long term relationship moving further. The true credit of our current fresher hiring success goes to you and your team. I would like to appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for your significant contribution. You have given quality output in our project, which is admirable. Such a commitment to great service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to do business with nBoard for years to come.

Shirish P
HR, Icontrolify Technologies