Excellers intuitive and customizable reports leads to successful hiring.


Customized Reports

Excellers flexible in-depth analytics reporting system makes it easy to find specific qualities of a candidate. This customization can be based on Performance Analysis, Sectional Performance Analysis, Sectional Detailed Analysis, Question Analysis and Test Log etc.

Individual Skill Set Comparison

Successful hiring always depends on grouping up the skill set required for the workforce to be hired. Pack up your assessment with required skill set and compare the performance of individual test takers on each skill and draw a comparison report. Detailed section wise analysis will give you statistical figures and efficiency of the test taker in solving the questions in that particular section or skill set. Compare the individual skill set of a test taker and make hiring decisions much easier and quicker.

Excellers report generates a detailed skill set comparison report of an individual test taker.


360 Degree Analysis

Excellers reporting system covers 360 Degree analysis of each candidate. This includes:

check Performance Analysis - Overall test performance of a candidate portrayed with percentage and percentile scores.
check Sectional Performance Analysis - In-detail section wise performance analysis of a candidate using different level of standardization
check Sectional Detailed Analysis - For each section in the test, score analysis and attempts analysis will be depicted with charts.
check Question Analysis - A clear representation and detailed analysis on each and every question.
check Test Log - Question & Section Navigation, time spent on each question will be given for behavioural analysis of the candidate.

Overall Assessment Analytics

Overall assessment analytics helps to judge a test taker's performance in tests. This provides percentage and percentile analysis of all the sections with time analysis. Where percentile analysis provides rank wise analysis of a candidate which enhances quicker hiring decisions. Add negative marking to curb the guesswork and get concrete analysis of candidate knowledge.


Question Based Analytics

Question based analytics will give a detailed question report of each question in a test attempted by the candidate. The detailed question report covers key notes such as type of question, time taken to answer the question, count of attempts, count of candidates with correct and incorrect answers.

Auto Logging

Auto logging shows the detailed activity log of the candidate taking the test. With this the examiner can see the activities like question navigation, the time spent on each question, section switching, can track the IP address of the device from which the candidate is taking the test.


Score Defining for Instant Results

The examiner can define the cut off score while creating the assessment. So once the test is completed based on the defined cut off score results are generated instantly. This helps in saving the time and also the test can be managed by multiple teams irrespective of their expertise on the given skill.


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